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Despite being the largest of northern Italy's great lakes, Lake Garda's sun drenched scenery of vineyards, olive groves and cypresses makes it look much more like southern Italy. One of the most beautiful and naturally peaceful spots in Europe - with a backdrop of the Dolomites on one side and neat rows of vines on the other - Lake Garda has been a refuge for writers in search of inspiration and stressed out emperors and their hangers-on for millennia.

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The region's popularity with wealth and power is reflected in the variety and beauty of the lake's resort towns - which the lake's fans, from 16th Century poets to modern A-listers, proclaim aren't just the best places to stay on Lake Garda, they're also the most idyllic in Europe.

Lake Garda is around 50kms long, and there are charming resort towns dotted around all points of the lake's compass. One of the pleasures of this region is taking outings to the different towns, with their unique personalities, cultural diversity, pretty churches, ancient frescoes, botanical gardens, promenades, colourful market, local wines and other specialities… Or you could hop between them.

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Market days differ from town to town, so you can visit each town at its best and busiest. You can hop by local ferry - which range in type of craft from leisurely paced historic paddle steamers to speedy hydrofoils - or drive. The resorts of Garda, Bardolino and Lazise, on the lake's southeastern bank, are linked by a walking trail with charming views, so you can even 'hop' on foot. A number of the best places to stay on Lake Garda also offer their guests complimentary use of hotel bikes, and there are some particularly scenic cycling routes between some of the smaller resorts. So while choosing the right resort is a big part of planning your visit to Lake Garda, hopefully you'll also have time to explore further afield.

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Lake Garda is rich in picturesque sites and sights, but the best known and most least-missable include:

The views from the funicular up Monte Baldo. The mount is 1760m above sea level and the rotating cabins reveal the lake in all its glory.

The Rock of Manerbaa, now a UNESCO protected site, but once the site of a Roman temple dedicated to Minerva.

rocca di Manerba, patrimonio UNESCO

A visit to the small private island, Isola del Garda, and a tour of the scenic formal gardens and sumptuous Venetian villa hosted by the present owners.

As well as the lake's natural assets and charming resorts towns, Garda also has a number of beautiful and often extravagant villas, some of them built by Roman senators, and some of them by today's Hollywood A-listers - George Clooney is a well known contemporary fan. But that's how long this spot has been considered an idyllic spot for a break.

Polpenazze del Garda

Places to visit

For nature lovers, there is an area of great interest for its flora and fauna inside Parco Alta Garda that extends along the section of Garda shore from Salò to Limone, with a well-articulated network of forest roads and trails, accessible on foot or mountain-bike, that lead toward delightful views and breathtaking panoramas.

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Going northward along the shore of eastern Garda visitors encounter a dense series of hamlets and little villages, each of which holds special treasures, whether architectural, historic, artistic, or natural. This is the case, for example, of Gardone Riviera. Once the exclusive vacation destination for the upper Bourgeoisie, today the sun has not yet set on its splendor. Here, addition to the lakefront with the villas and the liberty-style hotel, it is easy to be charmed by the beauties of the Gabriele of Annunzio's Vittoriale and lose oneself among the natural sinuosity of the Garden Andre' Heller.

The territory of the Valtenesi, where the village of Polpenazze is located, welcomes followers of the art de vivre, seducing them with the Wine Road and the Flavors of the Garda, a strictly territorial project under the care of an association of agricultural producers. It offers interesting routes in discovery of the Flavors and typical products of the area such as oil, wine, cheese and cold cuts. Travelers may also visit many wine cellars and independent oil mills spread throughout the entire territory.

Polpenazze is also very close to the hot springs locality of Vallio with its thermal facilities.

Many art cities are conveniently accessible by car or with public transportation, such as Brescia, for example, with the Castello and the Museum of Santa Giulia, as well as its magnificent permanent collections; Rovereto (TN), through the execution of the new Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MART) has reached visibility at the European level distinguishing itself as an artistically avant-garde city.

Arena di Verona

Verona offers magnificent palazzos in its center, the piazzas and the famous Arena, and then there is timeless Venice, which has enchanted the hearts of millions of people in the entire world with its charm and its unique nature.

In summary, this territory rich in art and history has effortlessly become part of modern times and remains faithful to an idea of genuine nature and of small but precious things.



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